10 Common Eyelash Growth Serums In The Market – and The Best One You Should Choose

The tests are carried out and compiled into a review by a group of 18 savvy cosmeticians from the Big City of New York. The inception to the completion of this project took 15 months and 3 days.

Getting your lashes looking lengthy, fuller, and voluminous without visiting a salon or using a falsie always seems too good to be true. You’ve probably come across dozens of eyelash growth serums in high-end stores and said to yourself “do these serums work?” Read on as your answer is right in this content.

Little About Eyelash Growth Serums

In case you’re just hearing about lash serums, they are formulated with fatty acids and conditioning peptides designed to promote healthy eyelash growth. Best part: most of them are easy to apply – as though you’re applying your daily liquid eyeliner. All it takes is a few minutes of daily application.

After some weeks, you’ll start to notice your eyelashes getting thicker, longer, and looking healthier.

Your Eyelash Growth Stages

The small openings on the human body are called pores. On average, there are 4 million pores on the skin. From each pore comes a hair strand, growing from the hair follicle deep-rooted in the dermis of the skin.

The number of eyelashes on each lid ranges from 150 to 200 individual hair strands (180 on average) on the upper eyelid, and 75 to 100 on the lower eyelid. For every hair on the body, it goes through three growth phases: anagen (the growth phase), catagen (the pause phase), and telogen (the breaking phase).

Healthy hair strands on the lashes grow for between 150 to 200 days before shedding while unhealthy strands shed only after 80 to 100 days. Lack of nutrients, aging, hereditary, receiving chemical treatment, exposure to heat, sauna, and steam are some factors that can hamper the growth of your lashes and shorten the anagen phase.

When the anagen phase is shortened due to the above conditions, you begin to experience more lash breakage. Hence, shorter, lesser eyelashes.

Why You Need An Eyelash Growth Serum That Works

Ideally, for a hair strand on the lash to fully grow, it takes between 12 to 15 weeks. And for those with unhealthy eyelashes – over 70% of women in the world have this problem – the chance of ever having fuller, thicker lashes are almost zero. Reason: before the hair on the lashes grow to a considerable length; telogen phase sets in. That’s why you experience hair pulling from your lashes. This problem can be avoided when you get the needed moisture to your lashes hair follicle.

By applying eyelash growth enhancers, it will positively open up, influence, and restore the communication channels between your dermal papilla and your lash follicles. The longer your lash follicles receive these positive signals, the more time they become fuller, grow, and improve shine, moisture, and flexibility.

What that means is, most serums are loaded with active nutrients (although some eyelash booster contains allergic and irritation around the eye area. You’ll find some of the culprits below) that will boost your lashes hair growth and prolong the anagen phase. With that, you’ll have a fuller, longer, and thicker lashes with fewer unnoticeable breakage from your lashes.

What You Should Look Out For When Picking Your Next Eyelash Growth Serum

As you already know, there are tons of eyelashes growth enhancing serums in the market today. Picking the right one may be difficult. Forget the catchy inscription…the sweet-sounding brand name…the hefty price tag…the adoring product package…and other deceptive factors. The factors mentioned below are what you should ALWAYS consider before picking a lash serum:

  1. INGREDIENTS – Of course, the last thing you want is irritation, swellings, itching, redness, and in severe condition permanent blindness. You want a serum that adds life to your lashes without any pain and allergies.


Unfortunately today, most eyelash enhancers companies hide under the umbrella of “natural” and “organic.” Whereas most of the ingredients they use are jampacked to the brim with synthetic, skin-unfriendly ingredients. Check the reviews below for some harmful ingredients you shouldn’t have in your lash serum.


  1. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Not all eyelash growth serum will be perfect for your skin type…and not all will work as claimed. That’s why you should always pick up a serum backed by a guarantee. With that, you can return if it leaves your skin with allergies…or doesn’t add volume and length to your lashes in, say 6


  1. REASONABLY PRICED – Why spend hundreds of dollars on eyelash serum alone? Remember, not all expensive products are effective. And not all effective products come with a cut-throat price. The most important factor here is the content.


  1. VERSATILE –Of course you want to add volume to your eyebrows. Why not use little from your eyelash serum? If it can work for your eyelashes, it should work for your brows too – only if it contains bioactive phytomolecules and natural rich botanicals.

Out of the dozens of eyelash enhancer serums for longer lashes, we’ve handpicked these 10. Below are our reviews of them arranged from the best eyelash growth serum for thicker, HEALTHIER lashes to the least.

Pros and Cons of the Top 10 Eyelash Growth Serums



• Easy to apply
• Comes in a fascinating container with over 7 ml more content than other eyelash serums
• Contains only natural, lash-enhancing bioactive phytomolecules and natural rich botanicals that add length, volume, thickness, and sheen to your lashes within 2 to 4 weeks
• Backed with 60-day money back guarantee
• Doesn’t irritate or cause allergies
• Reasonably priced at below $50 for one bottle. Huge discount given on larger orders
• Over 80% users are raving at their long, thicker, and fuller lashes
• Endorsed by Oscar 2018’s stars – Lee Purcell, Courtney Stodden, Sofia Milos, and more
• May leave tingling sensation around the eye area – for the first week of application – of people with extremely sensitive skin
• Website still lacks some vital information about Woolash


• Contains vitamins, modern peptides, and amino acid that support lash growth
• Very easy to apply
• Fascinating product packaging
• Reasonably priced
• Manufacturers promised thicker, fuller, and longer lashes within 6 weeks of regular application
• No proof that product is clinically tested
• 65% of Amazon buyers noticed no significant improvement in lashes
• Contains Cloprostenol Isopropyl ester, an ingredient dangerous to lactating and breastfeeding mothers


• Attractive design
• Easy to apply
• Contains some modern peptides that speed up lash growth
• Promotes lash growth and also condition and prevent eyelash from breakage
• Won Dermascope Aesthetician Choice-Favorite Eyelash Conditioner Award twice.
• So pricey – it’s almost twice as expensive as serums with its lash conditioning and growing properties
• Not suitable for pregnant and lactating women due to the dangerous Chlorphenesin – an ingredient that is not available for commercial use in the US.
• May cause difficulty in breathing and hives if you’re allergic to this eyelash growth serum


• Formulated with one of the best Active Eyelash Technology
• Contains proven Bioengineered Polypeptides
• Very easy to apply and comes with a fabulous bottle
• Conditions and moisturizes the lashes as well
• Extremely pricey at $150 per bottle
• Contains a questionable ingredient – Prostaglandin – responsible for triggering various skin allergies
• In severe cases, Prostaglandin may cause permanent eye blindness
• Can darken the eyelid
• Most people see no or little result after 2 months of application


• Easy to apply
• Formulated by Alchemy – a known cosmetic brand
• Last long – up to 6 months after opening
• Contains some natural ingredients that conditions as well as grow lashes longer
• Pricey for a small bottle
• Causes some allergies like a change in skin pigmentation (giving the skin the raccoon-like color), burning sensation, and irritation
• Can cause wrinkled eye and crow’s feet
• In a severe case, a yellow spotting on the conjunctiva can occur


• Comes in an attractive container
• Loaded with natural ingredients – like Triple Peptide Complex
• Conditions and adds sheen to lashes
• Extremely easy to apply – as though your liquid eyeliner
• Extremely pricey
• No claim on the manufacturer’s website that Lancer supports eyelash growth
• Leaves some skin with allergies and discomfort
• No money back guarantee


• Developed by cosmetic scientists
• Can be used together with a falsie
• 30-day Money Back Guarantee
• Extremely pricey
• No evidence of the “clinically-tested” claim on their website
• May cause redness, swelling, and in severe cases, the iris color may change to brown
• Contains Sodium Benzoate, a well-known irritant


• Has a standout design from other lash serums
• The manufacturer’s website is detailed enough, containing all the information about the serum
• Easy to apply to lashes
• Contains Bimatoprost – a potent skin irritant
• May cause skin dryness, itching, and other skin allergies
• May make your eye contoured and puffy
• In a severe case, hives and difficulty in breathing may occur


• Fantastic design and easy to apply
• Versatile product – suitable for both the brows and lashes
• The newly formulated Rapidlash doesn’t contain the active lash-growth ingredients available in the initial Rapidlash.
• Contains Phenoxyethanol – a known eye irritant
• Prolonged use can cause your lashes to fall off
• May trigger some allergies around the eye


• It’s reasonably priced
• Beautiful design and easy to apply to lashes
• Doesn’t contain the latest dermatologist and ophthalmologist newly discovered nutrient packed ingredients, which explains why Idol Lash takes longer to grow lashes
• Over 70% people label it as an allergic-causing serum
• Causes swelling, redness, itching, and other discomfort in over 58% of Amazon buyers
• May leave the eye area with a raccoon-like brown pigmentation
• Some users experienced lash breakage after prolonged application of Idol Lash

#1 - WooLash



One thing you can’t help but notice when you visit their website is the mind-blowing 60-day money back guarantee. It actually shows Woolash producers are confident of their lash serum…and that they keep all their promises.

Unlike other proclaimed best eyelash serum, Woolash is no Multilevel Marketing, which means your satisfaction is their utmost concern…and not their profit through upselling other products. It also means their reviews are not from marketers.

What We Like About Woolash

The first thing you’ll notice from the ingredient list is the absence of artificial ingredients like colors and fragrances. It has no fillers…no irritants and allergic-causing ingredients. All ingredients are highly attested and recommended by ophthalmologist and dermatologists.

No wonder top celebrities and Hollywood actresses like Lee Purcell, Courtney Stodda, Victoria Summer, Sofia Milos, and tons of others won’t stop singing the praises of Woolash.

Unlike most lash serums in the market, Woolash is a result of an innovative formula which activates and rejuvenates dormant lash follicle germ tissues with all natural unique nutrient-rich ingredients which stimulate rapid development of eyelashes. The hormone-free, carcinogen free, latex free, irritant-free ingredients are proven to get your lashes longer, thicker, and fuller within 2 to 4 weeks.

Checking on their website, over 80% gave their honest opinion. Over 91% saw more visible curls, over 93% said their lashes became fuller and denser, 95% reported increase in length, 97% said they have healthier and more nourished lashes. Also, over 98% are raving about their increased lash volume, and 99% said their eyelashes are more conditioned and fuller.

Although the ingredients used in Woolash are premium, new, and highly effective in enhancing your lashes, It is still reasonably priced at less than $50 (that becomes a lot cheaper when you order more than one) for an eyelash serum having 7 ml content more than other eyelash serums in today’s market.

Let’s take a look at some of the ingredients in Woolash:

  • Grape Stem Cell – Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) can be equated to a robber who steals valuables. Only this time it’s your hair. DHT prevents the hair follicle from performing optimally, thereby slowing down your eyelash growth. But with this natural ingredient, your hair follicle is well protected.
  • Myristoyl Pentapeptide 17 – Only the most effective eyelash enhancer producers use this ingredient. Keratin synthesis is essential to hair growth. As we age, the anagen phase – the hair growing stage – shortens, leading to loss of the hair on the scalp, brows, and lashes area. Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17 is a natural ingredient that up the production of keratin by at least 160% – which means thicker, longer, and healthier lashes.


  • Calcium Panthenol – Sold as vitamin B-5 supplements, this ingredient is used for so many treatments like acne and wound healing. For your eyelashes, Calcium Panthenol increases blood flow to your follicles, increasing your lashes’ length.


  • Panthenol – Panthenol is a derivative of Vitamin B-5. Panthenol is a non-toxic ingredient charged with the responsibility of safeguarding your lashes from premature This means you can enjoy longer lashes for an extended period without them shedding off.


  • Avocado and Coconut Extracts – These ingredients conditions, moisturizes, and add sheen to your lashes.


  • And many other natural, lash-enhancing ingredients.


What We Don’t Like About Woolash

When people with extremely sensitive skin – that’s less than 5% of the world’s population – first apply Woolash serum, the skin around the eye may give out some tingling sensation. The users with this sensation told us they felt nothing after 3 to 7 days.

Although this serum is backed with a massive 60-day money back guarantee, we still expect the manufacturer’s website to contain more detailed information about Woolash serum.

#2 - GrandeLASH


It seems all great eyelash growth serums have one thing in common – fabulous designs. GrandeLash is no exception. The golden body housed with a lovely pink package is too hard to ignore on the shelves in high-end stores.

What We Like About GrandeLash

GrandeLash has tons of people raving about the beautiful effect of this serum on their lashes – on their website. The use of latest, dentist-recommended peptides, vitamins, and amino acids – found to increase the length and volume of lashes – also makes GrandeLash fascinating.

What We Don’t Like About GrandeLash

This eyelash growth serum doesn’t have any evidence of the alleged clinical trial it showcases. This raises a lot of concerns among people that are so particular about things that go on their skin. While there are tons of positive reviews on their website, analyzing the Amazon reviews shows otherwise – with over 65% showing discontentment at this eyelash growth serum.

In addition, GrandeLash contains Cloprostenol Isopropyl ester – a synthetic prostaglandin which makes this lash serum unsafe for pregnant and lactating mothers (the ingredient caused termination of pregnancy during trials with rats and mice).

I’m sure you won’t like to get a product with that hazardous ingredient on your skin talk less of the eye area.

#3 - RevitaLash


When it comes to eyelash growth products with fantastic, appealing designs, you can’t count Revitalash out. The black head on a slender white body makes it stand out from other eyelash booster.

What We Like About Revitalash

This eyelash growth serum is very easy to apply on your lashes. And Revitalash contains some newly discovered natural peptides, biotin, and other ingredients that add volume and length to the eyelashes.

Also, this lash serum also conditions and prevent lash breakage while growing the lashes longer and thicker. In addition, Revitalash is a two-time winning serum of the Dermascope Aesthetician Choice-Favorite Eyelash Conditioner Award.

What We Don’t Like About revitalash

This serum is not reasonably priced. For a product that hardly fills a 3 fluid ounce container, you might have to use more than 3 bottles before you notice any result

Also (as you already know we’re always concerned about the ingredients), Revitalize contains Chlorphenesin – an ingredient not commercially available in the US.  This ingredient is hazardous with symptoms ranging from discomfort or hives, breathing difficulty, and many other severe effects. And, physicians and dermatologist strongly kick against the use of products containing this ingredient for nursing and pregnant women.

#4 - neuLASH


Another eyelash growth serum with a fabulous design. neulash, like Woolash, contains natural ingredients that cosmeticians found to improve the thickness, volume, and the length of lashes. But, of course, without the questionable irritant that is paraded as “safe.”

What We Like About neulash

neulash is formulated with one of the best Active Eyelash Technology today, developed with proven natural bioengineered polypeptides containing beneficial amino and fatty acids that promote natural and healthier lashes and also fights against breakage of eyelashes.

It also includes Hydrolyzed Glycosaminoglycans and Sodium hyaluronate which moisturize and condition the lashes while adding strength and durability to them.

What We Don’t Like About Neulash

First off, Neulash is pricey. For a 6 ml bottle of lash serum that only last for few months (3 months maximum), $150 is too high. And to think that you can get a substitute for a third of the price that works better makes it alarming.

Secondly, the product contains a questionable ingredient in the name of Prostaglandin (Isopropyl Cloprostenate) – an ingredient likely to skyrocket the adverse effect in people with sensitive skin, causing some allergic reactions such as irritations, burning sensation around the eye, redness, and permanent changes to the eye color. And in a severe case, permanent blindness. That, to us, isn’t worth the price for a longer, fuller lash.

Another thing is the reviews. Although the manufacturers stated on their website that over 97% of their customers are raving about neulash, looking more in-depth at the Amazon reviews indicate otherwise. Out of the 465 reviews, over 70% didn’t notice any changes after 1 to 2 months of using this serum. Over 32% experienced darkened eyelids, and almost 50% complained of one irritation or the other.

#5 - LiLash


LiLash eye growth serum is one of the popular eyelash growth serums in the market today. The beautifully black lined on a slender body serum is a beauty to behold on every shelf. The product is formulated by Cosmetic Alchemy – a company well-known for producing and distributing cosmeceutical and cosmetic products.

What We Like About Lilash

LiLash is a versatile eyelash serum, working as an eyelash growth serum, eyebrow growth serum, and a conditioner for both eyelashes and eyebrows. Unlike neulash and Idol Lash, you can enjoy a bottle of LiLash for as long as 6 months without going rancid.

Also, the manufacturers promise that the lash serum will add length, volume, and strength to your lashes within 6 weeks of continuous use.

Almost all its ingredients are natural, containing purified water (which makes the bulk of the product), lash growers (Lupus Albus Seed Extract), Lash strengthener and protector (Prunus Amygdalus and Silica), and Panthenol (a moisturizing ingredient).

What We Don’t Like About Lilash

Lilash is a little bit pricey. For a tiny bottle of eyelash serum with over $100 is to us on the high side.

Also, some users complained of various allergies like burning sensation around the eye, change in skin pigmentation, irritation, and more.

#6 - Lancer


Lancer eyelash growth serum is beautifully designed and well-formulated with essential vitamins and ingredients which feed the eyelashes with vital nutrients, speeding up their volume and length over continuous use.

What We Like About lancer

As with many other eyelash growth enhancing serums, Lancer is very easy to apply, as though your liquid eyeliner. It also contains a-list ingredients like triple peptide complex – an ingredient that promotes lash growth and also strengthens it. Glycosaminoglycans locks in moisture so that you can have well-conditioned lashes prone to breakage.

Also, Lancer contains Panthenol and Biotin that works hand-in-hand to strengthen your lashes. Thanks to the Pumpkin Seed Extract, Lancer eyelash enhancer serum promotes fuller, more voluminous lashes.

What We Don’t Like About Lancer

Lancer is one of the most expensive lash growth serums in the market today. Priced at $150, you can get a better, less allergic-causing (up to 3 bottles) substitutes.

Also, on their website you can’t specifically find where they claim the lash serum helps grow longer lashes…it is only from the few reviews on their site that shows the growth effect on lashes. Another thing is the allergy (as you already know that we don’t like products that are jam-packed with irritating ingredients).

Although Triple Peptide Complex promotes lash growth, it is an allergic-causing ingredient which may leave the skin around the eyes with swellings, burning sensation, redness, itching, and more.

For a $150 product, the least the manufacturers can do is to allow a money back guarantee…or at least test samples for potential customers. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. What this means is that even if you pay the premium $150 and later find this serum ineffective or irritating, you can’t return for a refund. That’s enough to put you off from buying.

And to imagine there’s no clear indication that the product can give you the beautiful, longer lashes you want immediately raises the red flag.

#7 - LashFood


Developed by cosmetic scientists, The award-winning Phyto-medic LashFood lash serum is marketed as a potent lash serum because of its look and feel on the lash after each application. But is it really a potent lash serum as claimed?

What We Like About LashFood

LashFood is formulated without phthalates, sulfates, and parabens – ingredients flagged as dangerous to the health. As portrayed on their website, this eyelash growth product can be used in tandem with falsies. Plus, the serum strengthens existing lashes and minimizes lash loss.

They have a 30-day money back guarantee should you find LashFood unsuitable for you.

LashFood contains natural ingredients like Soy Protein, Lavender Water, Arginine, and Phyto-Medic Complex – all responsible for promoting lash growth, conditioning, and preventing lash breakage.

What We Don’t Like About LashFood

For just 3 ml, you’ll have to pay a whopping $80 – that’s almost 200% more expensive that other budget lash serums. To even think that there is little evidence on the “no side effect” claim makes the price entirely unjustifiable.

LashFood claimed their eyelash serum doesn’t trigger allergies. When we conducted further research on the serum, we discovered that some users found LashFood irritates the eye, causes redness and sometimes swelling, and some long-term users said it affects the color of their iris, turning them to brown.

Is LashFood worth the hefty price tag? For a 3 ml bottle that hardly lasts up to 5 months, you’ll be prepared to spend, in a year, a minimum of $192 – a price way above most people’s budget for lash growth serum. Plus LashFood contains Sodium Benzoate – a toxic product which triggers allergies even in healthy skin.

So, let’s say we have more proof of the claimed “clinical-tested” from the manufacturers, we may choose LashFood. But for now, we suggest you follow our choice product in this review.

#8 - Latisse


A lash booster with a unique design. You can’t help but notice the petite, beautiful light blue cap on a white bottle that Latisse has. Botox manufacturers – Allergen –  produces Latisse. Latisse is recommended for the treatment of a few, scattered lashes – a condition called hypotrichosis.

What We Like About Latisse

Navigating through Latisse’s website, you can fully understand all about this eyelash growth serum even if you’re visiting for the first time. From the product ingredients, direction, to side effects and allergies, Allergen covers them all.

This serum falls in the middle for product pricing. At just $120, you’ll agree that Latisse is reasonably priced when compared to LashFood, Lancer, and many others.

What We Don’t Like About Latisse

To start with, Latisse contains Bimatoprost – the main ingredient responsible for longer lashes. Although FDA approved its use for cosmetics purposes, this ingredient does more harm than good to the users – a treacherous price users pay for growing longer lashes.

Among the uncountable side effects of Bimatoprost are

  • Dryness in the eye, eye irritation, itching sensation around the eye, redness of the eye.
  • Hyperpigmentation (darkening of the skin) around the eye and watery eyes
  • Discoloration of the eye and lashes breakage
  • Puffy eyelids and contour around the application site
  • Extra hair growth in areas other than the lashes
  • Difficulty in breathing and hives in severe cases

Plus the eyelash growth serum takes up to 4 months before you see a noticeable result. Is Latisse really worth your stress? For a product with a lot of side effects and takes longer to work, a cheaper substitute in Woolash may be ideal for your lashes.

#9 - RapidLash


This is one of the most beautifully, well-packaged eyelash serum in the market today. Apart from the package, this serum is a versatile choice for those who like to grow both longer eyebrow and lashes.

What We Like About Rapidlash

This serum for longer lashes uses a combination of highly effective ingredients to strengthen, condition, and add length to your lashes, and improve the overall appearance of your brows and lashes, claimed the manufacturers on their website.

Rapidlash contains Hexatein 1 Complex, an unmatched blend of natural ingredients that prevents hair breakage and conditions the lashes while helping them to grow longer in no time.

In addition, Rapidlash, as similar to almost all lashes, is very easy to apply. Rapidlash is also reasonably priced – retail at $49.95 for 3 ml bottle – when compared to most other lash serums.

What We Don’t Like About Rapidlash

When Rapidlash first launched, it contained a lot of natural ingredients that add volume and length to lashes within 4 weeks for a single daily application. But since Rapidlash underwent a formula change due to legal threats, the potent, lash-strengtheners and growth enhancers found in this lash growth serum is no longer there.

In addition, the product now contains some questionable ingredients like Phenoxyethanol – an ingredient known to cause skin irritation. Rapidlash is only available on their website, which means you can’t get your serum when they are experiencing some downtime or website upgrade.

Some users also claim that Rapidlash leaves their eye area with a burning sensation. Digging deeper reveals what users feel about Rapidlash. Most of them didn’t recommend using this serum for a prolonged period of time. Their reason: eyelash may dry out and fall over time.

So until manufacturers revert back to the old, gem Rapidlash, we’ll have to make do with a cheaper, and more effective alternative.

#10 - Idol Lash

10/Idol Lash2.0

One of the most popular, pocket-friendly eyelash serum in the market. Idol Lash is a lash serum that was popular from 2006 to 2010. Does Idol Lash really work? I’ll leave you to answer that.

What We Like About Idol Lash

Of course, they have been around for long, Idol Lash is one of the products that is reasonably priced – you can pick up a bottle for less than $40. The application – as typical to all lash serums – is easy.

What We Don’t Like About Idol Lash

Although they claim the serum improves the length, volume, and thickness of eyelashes in 2 to 4 weeks, it doesn’t seem to work for over 75% of their customers. With some people using Idol Lash for as long as 3 months – that’s 12 weeks – most people find Idol Lash to increase further their lash breakage.

Another pressing reason why Idol Lash isn’t a perfect choice is the effect on the skin. Taking a survey on Amazon reviews, over 72% of reviewers complained about the severe burning sensation this serum leaves around the eyes after application. And over 48% left a terrible 1-star rating – that speaks a lot about Idol Lash. Some even said Idol Lash altered the skin pigmentation around their eye (left a difficult-to-erase brownish pigmentation in the skin around the eye which gives the skin a raccoon-like appearance).

Another critical thing to note is that Idol Lash lacks the core natural ingredients that dermatologists and ophthalmologist discovered to cut hair growing time by more than half.

And In a severe case, Idol Lash may cause a yellow spotting on the conjunctiva (the top layer of eye-protecting the whites of the eyes), wrinkled skin around the eye, and increase the ocular pressure of the eye.